When you are working in the field of security and cctv/ip-camera surveillance, lighting is of the utmost importance to you. At Elenek we are aware of that and we and as security lighting experts we are there to help you to realize your surveillance goals. So if you want to survey borders and fences, watch over huge terrains and buildings or just over an office interior, read license plates at phenomenal speeds or distances, or see who is at the door in absolute darkness, you have come to the right address. We offer infrared solutions if you don’t want any light to be visible on the scene. Because it might hinder the environment, the traffic, the wildlife or because you don’t want anyone to realize you are surveying. And we offer powerful white light solutions that will fulfill every need you might have in that respect.

Our Solutions
  • Infra-red illuminators
  • Power supplies
  • Brackets and mounting sets
  • Accessories
  • Software